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Time to see yet another useful and latest iphone 3g accessory designed by Swedish designer Peter Thuvander. Apple iPhone chargers are an integral part of our iphones today for sure. In this context the IYO YOYO is a charger concept designed to provide more power and boosting up to your energy consuming iPhone.

The IYO YOYO charger acts as a dual power source by being environment friendly along with user friendly as well. It can be used under any weather conditions as it is not based on any conventional source of energy. What’s more as it is based on the induction technology, a lithium ion cell stores the electricity generated as the user plays with the yo-yo.

So feel relaxed at emergencies as this charger truly plays a sheet anchor role for you.


Here is one of the latest iphone 3g accessories for you. Yes I am talking about the latest neat junction – the external battery pack for the iPhones 1 and 2. Like other external batteries, the iPower Portable Power Station fuels the battery of the iPhone from its own reserves. And because it features an external speaker it stops feeding the iPhone when the iPower’s battery charge falls below five percent. Apparently, that last five percent is enough to keep the iPower’s speaker running for seven more hours.

It gets better. Although the iPower is only designed for use with the two iPhones, it could be pressed into service for the iPod Touch, which actually needs an external speaker. The sound comes through the dock connector, so as long as you can squeeze the Touch into the case (which is expandable) you should be good to go.

This product is available for $44.


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