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Yet another unique and latest iPhone 3g accessory that can make your iPhone works a bit better for sure! Portable Power Station 2200mAh for Apple iPhone 3Gprovides your iPhone with instant power whenever you need it! All you need to do is just plug in the Power Station directly into your iPhone 3G for instant power – no need for extra cables or adapters.

Portable Power Station 2200mAh for Apple iPhone 3G serves as Perfect solution to charge your iPhone 3G when out with this portable power station. Also the 2200mAh li-Polymer high capacity battery is really commendable. With smart LED indication it proves convenient to recharge the power station with the original charger of iPhone 3G

Technical Specs

  • Input Voltage: DC5V~DC5.5V
  • Input Capacity: Max 1.8A
  • Output Voltage: DC5.1V~DC5.5V
  • Output Capacity: Max 1.2A
  • Capacity: 2200mAh
  • Color: Piano lacquer black
  • Dimension: (Approx)12.50*6.40*1.90cm(L*W*H)

If broken or scratched digitizer/touch panel of new iPhone 3G is what bothering you since long time, then probably what you are looking for is Apple iPhone 3G Replacement Digitizer / Touch Panel with Glass Lens

Very often we come across with the problem of damaged or worn out Digitizer / Touch Panel while hanging out with our friends or by the deeds of mischievous kids, it leaves us restless and irritated for our or none of our mistakes. Now at this point it becomes critical to make a proper selection of replacement digitizers or touch panels.

You got to be bewaring of the people selling either the LCD or the touch panel by them selves separately and not together as a complete screen. The iphone 3G is designed in such a way that the glass touch panel can not be replaced separately from the LCD as the LCD and glass touch panel fused while manufacturing, so it requires complete replacement.

The new Apple iPhone 3G Replacement Digitizer / Touch Panel with Glass Lens replacement is completely reliable and perfect to replace the dented and shabby Digitizer and Touch Panel with easy replacement process. The product is compatible with both versions of Apple: iPhone 3G (8GB, 16GB).

The world is soon moving towards the whole lot of troubles as global warming issue gets hotter and hotter increasing the earth’s temperature to a whopping extent. I know you might me thinking this as scientific news or so but this one is to invoke a new interest amongst you to make use of solar powered iphone 3g accessories.

Today I came across one such leather case built-in solar charger capable of charging your iphone 3g smartphone through clean and free power source. You can charge your iPhone anytime and infact anywhere.

Features to look for

  • Charges your iPhone 3G using solar energy or internal 1500 mAh battery.
  • Charging time is around 3 hours.
  • Charges in any well lit area – no need to place in direct sunlight.
  • Stylish and practical carry case for your iPhone 3G.
  • Flip style carry case for quick and easy access to all buttons and functions.
  • Press stud fastening for secure protection.
  • Includes miniUSB port for charging from your PC.

So save your motherland by using such solar power products without compromising on style and passion with book style leather case built-in solar charger.

Few days back Griffin announced latest iphone 3g accessories and we had a glimpse only. For detailed review here it is AirCurve – a cleverly-designed acoustic amplifier that converts your iPhone into a no-power-drain alarm clock on your nightstand as also a mini sound system that infact never needs any batteries and other electronics.

Your fantasy of listening loud and clear sound turns into reality with Aircurve Acoustic Amplifier. The elegant minimal stand is indeed a brilliantly designed coiled waveguide that makes the sound of the inbuilt speaker of your iphone crystal clear.

This is not enough after all it’s a Griffin iphone accessory! AirCurve Acoustic Amplifier also contains a intuitive pass-through slot that allows you to charge and sync your iPhone simultaneously by inserting a Griffin Dock Cable. The amplifier will be available for only £20

Amazing slew of features

  • Acoustically amplifies your iPhone.
  • Custom-engineered waveguide requires no power.
  • Allows syncing/charging using Griffin Dock Cable.
  • Excellent for nightstand or tabletop.
  • Excellent for use as a speakerphone.

Yet another new and befitting iphone 3g accessories from the frontrunner Griffin – this time around its Griffin PowerDock Multiple Charging Bases for both iPhone and iPod as well. Indeed a very useful accessory for the whole lot of families owning a whole lot of iPod or iPhone models as it can charger all your gadgets at one single point of time.

Literally a cease-fire with PowerDock, a charging base where every iPod and iPhone in the house can get together and boost up to charge its batteries. All you need to do is simply slip your iPod or iPhone into place to safely charge.

Such Multiple charging bases for iPod and iPhone can prove immense beneficial at times especially when all your dear ones lose the battery power of their respective apple gadgets. Substantial brushed aluminum with a grippy rubberbase stays put on countertops and desktops. Also certified as “Works with iPhone” and a “Made for iPod” product.


  • Charging base plugs into standard 120VAC wall outlet.
  • Sturdy brushed metal base stays put on your desk.
  • Charges any combination of iPod models.
  • 8 Universal Dock inserts included to fit iPod models that charge by Dock Connector.

Technical Specs

  • Power input: 110-240V AC @50-60 Hz.
  • Power output: 5V DV @ 1.2 Amps.
  • AC Power supply: 6′ (1.8m).
  • 8 Universal Dock inserts included to fit iPod models that charge by Dock Connector.

Also on the other side Griffin PowerDock Multiple Charging Bases looks pretty good with a substantial brushed aluminum with a grippy rubberbase.

Everyone aspires to possess a case with superior features worthy of being tagged as one of the greatest iphone 3g accessories. Well the new Griffin Clarifi Case with inbuilt Lens is one such exemplary case for your iPhone 3G. As said Clarifi is no ordinary polycarbonate case as its built-in lens gives your iPhone a great enhancement in camera resolution.

Besides serving as a super natural protective case it also adds tremendous accuracy to all your macro and close-up shots. The harsh fact is that without Clarifi, iPhone requires about 18 inches to focus properly while when you slide Clarifi’s lens into place, you can actually move in to 4 inches for crisp detail and outstanding pictures.

As it is fabricated with durable polycarbonate, with instinctive cutaways for access to power switch, headphone jack, volume controls, and dock connector. Griffin’s trademark EasyDock two tone design and the slide-off bottom third of the case slides for standard docking are an added advantage.

Griffin Clarifi Case is truly ideal for Close-up lens focusing and also for capturing business cards, document text.

Time to see yet another useful and latest iphone 3g accessory designed by Swedish designer Peter Thuvander. Apple iPhone chargers are an integral part of our iphones today for sure. In this context the IYO YOYO is a charger concept designed to provide more power and boosting up to your energy consuming iPhone.

The IYO YOYO charger acts as a dual power source by being environment friendly along with user friendly as well. It can be used under any weather conditions as it is not based on any conventional source of energy. What’s more as it is based on the induction technology, a lithium ion cell stores the electricity generated as the user plays with the yo-yo.

So feel relaxed at emergencies as this charger truly plays a sheet anchor role for you.


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