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Ensure that you keep your iphone safe and free from all the things which results in inconveniences to your iphone and to you therefore. No need to worry about this issue indeed as with iphone 3g accessories such as Griffin Elan Holster you can carry your iPhone snug in an embossed black leather shell with a no-scratch lining.

iphone 3g accessories

All you need to do is just slide your iPhone out of the case to make a call, surf the web or listen to your music-it’s as simple as that! Then slide it back into Elan Holster when you’re done. A removable, leather-wrapped clip can be attached two ways to offer multiple options for carrying iPhone safe on a bag, briefcase or backpack strap

Also an included static peel screen protector protects the iPhone screen and a premium cleaning cloth to keep your iPhone free of the smudges and finger prints.

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