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For your iPhone 3G – THE BEST GADGET OF THIS YEAR you need to respect the smartphone and that you can do best only when you are equipped with some handsome iphone 3g accessories. After all when you spend a hefty amount on iphone 3g you need to spend at least half of it to the accessories side as well. One such significant Bluetooth headset suitable for your expensive iphone is the Jabra JX10 Cara Bluetooth Headset.

Jabra Cara JX10 is all about passionate feeling with an amazing European design touch by Jacob Jensen. What more do you want than a true celestial beauty of 24 carat gold, do you? Simply the most elegant way to talk wirelessly on your mobile phone.

Amazing Features

  • 24 carat gold and brushed stainless steel.
  • Jacob Jensen design.
  • Timeless masterpiece.
  • Operating range Up to 10 metres (approx. 33 feet).
  • Bluetooth version 2.0 specifications.
  • Less than 14 grams.
  • Talk time Up to 6 hours.
  • Stand-by time Up to 200 hours.
  • Last-number redial.
  • Voice dial.

Hone your iphone power with Jabra JX10 Cara Bluetooth Headset.


For your marvel gadget iphone 3g you must carry a stylish headset which can look equally wonderful as your iphone. Well the new Aliph Jawbone 2 bluetooth headset looks stunning and amazing making your personality look even better indeed!

Gorgeous design

The gorgeous design of this headset will certainly make you feel astonished. New Jawbone is truly the next step in the integration of best in class noise elimination technology with personal design that is both humanistic and minimal. In the tradition of bringing together beauty and science together, the new Jawbone is a miracle of miniaturization and 50% smaller than the original award-winning Jawbone.

Advanced technologies

The stand out feature of this amazing bluetooth headset is the implementation of some exceptional advanced technologies. The fact is that no other headset eliminates real world noise better than Jawbone as it is the only headset that can accurately separate speech from ambient noise (NoiseAssassin Technology)

No Visible Buttons

The “invisible button” policy at Jawbone accomplishes a clutter-free look. Touch-surface technology allows the user to operateswitches by lightly pressing the outside shield.

Premium Materials

Constructed with ultra-smooth medical-grade plastic, the new Jawbone also comes with optional fine leather earloops.

The Experience

Comprised of an outer shield and inner surface, the new Jawbone experience is two-fold. The outer shield, curved and rectilinear to follow the face, is lightly textured in a sound-reflective progressive relief, a three-dimensional texture visually representative of noise abatement surfaces. This unique surface becomes animated as light creates highlights and shadows when worn. The inner surface, the one touching the face and creating contact with the Voice Activity Sensor, is gently curved to be ergonomic and comfortable on the skin.

Time to move on with smart iphone 3g accessories through the immense popular jabra bluetooth headsets. The Jabra BT4010 smart bluetooth headset is certainly an ideal accessory for your marvel iPhone 3g.

Professional Mechanism

All Jabra bluetooth headsets come in unique design and Jabra BT4010 too is designed brilliantly. It is small in size weighing just about 0.35 of an ounce yet very powerful and user-friendly headset. Unlike other headsets it does not have any distracting flashing lights, making the Jabra BT4010 discreet and professional. Just perfect for your iphone.

Smart LCD Feature

The display looks stunning with “smart display” LCD feature modelled after screens of a mobile phone ushering a new phase of usability for Bluetooth headsets. You no longer have to guess or interpret flashing lights to understand your battery level, connection and call status. All this information is available by simply viewing the display. This intuitive approach to Bluetooth helps make life less complicated and ensures that users will never lose another call again.

Excellent Technology

Jabra BT4010 boasts up to six hours of talk time With auto-pairing and crystal clear sound thanks to e-SCO technology, the BT4010 can be up and running within a matter of seconds, enabling you to chat to friends and colleagues and stay in contact all day, every day.

The Jabra BT4010 can be worn with or without an ear hook and comes with a selection of two hooks for added comfort. Micro USB Charger Connection makes it even better!

Bluetooth headsets have proved one of the safest hands free solution and when it comes to apple iphone 3g the stylish ericsson HBV-PV708 headset is the best choice to make indeed! The best part og this absolutely cool looking headset is that you can talk continuously for 15 hours on your phone without worrying about anything. What’s more with 500 hours standby, you’ll rarely need to recharge your PV708. Make your life a little bit less of a juggling act. The PV708 keeps you on top of your calls in the car, at home or anywhere your busy day takes you. Here are some of the best aspects of this headset making it a perfect part of iphone 3g accessories. Take a look at them.

Auto pairing

Auto pairing makes pairing of the device with your Bluetooth mobile phone faster and simpler by dropping the PIN code without compromising security.

Significant specs

The headset just weighs 14g measuring 61 x 18 mm 2.4 x 0.7 inches with a sleek and uncompromising style.

Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH)

AFH reduces the impact of interference between wireless technologies, resulting in excellent audio quality.

With Sony Ericsson PV708 your iphone 3g is at its best.


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