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We all know that Apple has been habituated to come with gadget icons such as ipods and iphones that are naturally very delicious and prone to damages and scratches if proper care is not taken. Well applesauce ipod iphone micropolishing scratch remover is one of the perfect ipod accessories on the protection side for your gadget.

You can actually give your apple gadget a complete makeover with the APPLESAUCE Polish Plastic kit. With this micropolishing scratch remover you can remove all the scratches and fingerprints from plastic front, display and metal back of all models of iPod. The shine your gadget restores makes you wonder as to when did you bought the gadget, today itself or what?

Applesauce Polish has also been credited as one of the best polish you can buy for your iPod. But make sure that you get a full-body shield to apply when done with your polishing, so you don’t get any more scratches!

Kit Includes

  • One bottle of Microfinishing Polish (red) for the front and back
  • One bottle of Microfinishing Glaze (blue) for the front after glazing
  • Three 6″ x 8″ polishing cloths


This product is intended for use on iPods ONLY and has not been tested for use on any other LCD screen or product. It is not recommended for use on the 2nd generation iPod Nano or shuffle. Any damage resulting from the use of this product on any other device is the sole responsibility of the user. ShieldZone accepts no liability for use of this product on anything but an Apple iPod.

So what are you waiting for get your hand on Applesauce iPod iPhone Micropolishing Scratch Remover


For all those music aficionados who want their amazing music icon iPod more special this may be the right place for you. iPod is a marvel gadget but hey we do feel annoyed at times particularly when it loses power frequently and we are unable to pick our favourite tracks. Well this fact makes ipod accessories very more important and iPod Mains charger and iPod In Car charger can certainly prove quite handy and useful. Have a glimpse of the same.

iPod Mains Charger and iPod In Car Charger

This iPod Charger pack will ensure that your iPod never let runs low on the power front.

You can charge your iPod no matter where you are be it at home or at the office with these two amazing ipod accessories namely mains charger and in car charger. Excellent replacement or spare mains charger for your iPod, charge your iPod where ever you are.


  • 2 hours for full charge from dead battery
  • With LED power indicator
  • With long and durable coil cord
  • Plug-in easily, fits in all standard cigarette and auxiliary power adapters
  • Input: 12/24v
  • Output: 11V, 250mA

So make sure that you are always well equipped with these useful iPod accessories to make yourself feel a bit better.

How often do we overlook the weightiness of the basic mobile accessories and instead opt for accessories that hardly prove handy and effective to us? Equipping oneself with basic accessories is as important as having a small proportion of salt in any food. So let’s then stick to the basics and feel accurate with these worthy yet extremely cheap mobile accessories. Take a look at one such basic and ever important iphone accessory viz iPod Mains Charger

i-Power iPod Mains Charger
Charge your iPod where ever you are with this brilliant iPod mains charger. All you need to do is just plug the mains charger into a wall socket, plug the other end into your iPod or docking station and charge. ipower ipod mains charger works in conjunction with your iPod to automatically stop charging when the battery is full.

Exceptional Features

  • Aesthetically similar to the iPod design.
  • Picture for reference.

The best part of this Mains charger is its outstanding compatibility. Be it iphone or any iPod for that sake (3G 4G Classic 160GB Classic 80GB Mini Nano 1GNano 2G Nano 3G Photo Touch Video) it works and does its job perfectly!

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