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Cases become damn significant as they assure firm protection and therefore help in lengthen the life of your iPhone. Your quest for a set of iPhone 3g accessories will surely be an incomplete one without the inclusion of stylish silicon protective skin cases.


Well Black Silicon case is one such highly useful case that helps you safeguard your iPhone from scratches, fingerprints and other inconveniences. Black Silicone Case with Green Plastic Cover for Apple iPhone 3G has got a huge potential of serving as one of the best shields for your iPhone.

All the impact points are covered with a polycarbonate shield, while still offering you a very rewarding grip sensation due to the mixed material layout. The case non-slip grip allows you to hold your iPhone 3G with great comfort.


This form-fitting case protects your valuable iPhone 3G with its integrated armband. This iPhone mobile accessory with Velcro straps will let you band your mobile on your arm in its case and give you access to all basic functions with protection. Ideal for biking, jogging, gardening and working out. The ultimate and handy design of this Armband Case allows easy access to all function without having to remove the skin. Heavy duty see-through face plate allows you to view and access your iPhone while still in the pouch and protects against scratches and dust. Adjustable Velcro straps to fit almost any arm size.


So now You can run, ride, lift and more without missing a second of your favorite tunes.

Wow what about a stylish black silicon case with green plastic for your new iPhone? The Plastic Cover snugly wrapped around the stylish protective Silicone case, looks brilliant and ensures superb protection.

With a polycarbonate shield and usage of excellent materials, the case is really commendable indeed! Provides ultimate protection for your iPhone 3G against scratches, bumps and slips.

Outstanding Features

  • High Quality & Elegant Designer Case.
  • Super Grade Silicone.
  • New Anti-slide coating applied to reduce the attrition.
  • Anti-dust protection.

How about listening to your favourite tunes through your car stereo with the Kensington LiquidAUX for iPod & iPhone? Well yes LiquidAUX for iPod & iPhone offers one of the best sounds (crystal-clear and pure one) and a wireless remote for full playback control.

Outstanding Features

  • 2.4GHz wireless remote control lets you play/pause and skip tracks on your iPod & iPhone as well.
  • Superior excellent sound quality from the direct auxiliary port connection through your car stereo system.
  • Charges iPod & iPhone when used with USB cable.
  • Smart audio sensor for auto on/off power.
  • Fits most iPod & iPhone models in a case.
  • Includes 122cm audio extension cable to reach auxiliary ports

Yet another unique and latest iPhone 3g accessory that can make your iPhone works a bit better for sure! Portable Power Station 2200mAh for Apple iPhone 3Gprovides your iPhone with instant power whenever you need it! All you need to do is just plug in the Power Station directly into your iPhone 3G for instant power – no need for extra cables or adapters.

Portable Power Station 2200mAh for Apple iPhone 3G serves as Perfect solution to charge your iPhone 3G when out with this portable power station. Also the 2200mAh li-Polymer high capacity battery is really commendable. With smart LED indication it proves convenient to recharge the power station with the original charger of iPhone 3G

Technical Specs

  • Input Voltage: DC5V~DC5.5V
  • Input Capacity: Max 1.8A
  • Output Voltage: DC5.1V~DC5.5V
  • Output Capacity: Max 1.2A
  • Capacity: 2200mAh
  • Color: Piano lacquer black
  • Dimension: (Approx)12.50*6.40*1.90cm(L*W*H)

If broken or scratched digitizer/touch panel of new iPhone 3G is what bothering you since long time, then probably what you are looking for is Apple iPhone 3G Replacement Digitizer / Touch Panel with Glass Lens

Very often we come across with the problem of damaged or worn out Digitizer / Touch Panel while hanging out with our friends or by the deeds of mischievous kids, it leaves us restless and irritated for our or none of our mistakes. Now at this point it becomes critical to make a proper selection of replacement digitizers or touch panels.

You got to be bewaring of the people selling either the LCD or the touch panel by them selves separately and not together as a complete screen. The iphone 3G is designed in such a way that the glass touch panel can not be replaced separately from the LCD as the LCD and glass touch panel fused while manufacturing, so it requires complete replacement.

The new Apple iPhone 3G Replacement Digitizer / Touch Panel with Glass Lens replacement is completely reliable and perfect to replace the dented and shabby Digitizer and Touch Panel with easy replacement process. The product is compatible with both versions of Apple: iPhone 3G (8GB, 16GB).

The world is soon moving towards the whole lot of troubles as global warming issue gets hotter and hotter increasing the earth’s temperature to a whopping extent. I know you might me thinking this as scientific news or so but this one is to invoke a new interest amongst you to make use of solar powered iphone 3g accessories.

Today I came across one such leather case built-in solar charger capable of charging your iphone 3g smartphone through clean and free power source. You can charge your iPhone anytime and infact anywhere.

Features to look for

  • Charges your iPhone 3G using solar energy or internal 1500 mAh battery.
  • Charging time is around 3 hours.
  • Charges in any well lit area – no need to place in direct sunlight.
  • Stylish and practical carry case for your iPhone 3G.
  • Flip style carry case for quick and easy access to all buttons and functions.
  • Press stud fastening for secure protection.
  • Includes miniUSB port for charging from your PC.

So save your motherland by using such solar power products without compromising on style and passion with book style leather case built-in solar charger.


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