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Annoyed by broken Apple iPhone 3G Digitizer / Touch Panels Glass Lens, Replacement is what you need.

Posted on: October 4, 2008

If broken or scratched digitizer/touch panel of new iPhone 3G is what bothering you since long time, then probably what you are looking for is Apple iPhone 3G Replacement Digitizer / Touch Panel with Glass Lens

Very often we come across with the problem of damaged or worn out Digitizer / Touch Panel while hanging out with our friends or by the deeds of mischievous kids, it leaves us restless and irritated for our or none of our mistakes. Now at this point it becomes critical to make a proper selection of replacement digitizers or touch panels.

You got to be bewaring of the people selling either the LCD or the touch panel by them selves separately and not together as a complete screen. The iphone 3G is designed in such a way that the glass touch panel can not be replaced separately from the LCD as the LCD and glass touch panel fused while manufacturing, so it requires complete replacement.

The new Apple iPhone 3G Replacement Digitizer / Touch Panel with Glass Lens replacement is completely reliable and perfect to replace the dented and shabby Digitizer and Touch Panel with easy replacement process. The product is compatible with both versions of Apple: iPhone 3G (8GB, 16GB).


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