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LM056 250 Meter Bluetooth EDR USB adapter for your iphone

Posted on: September 16, 2008

We have been exploring the different types of cases, docks, chargers but missed out bluetooth dongle – a slang used for bluetooth adapter. Your set of iphone 3g accessories will surely be an incomplete one unless you include a special dongle capable of transferring any data from your laptop or desktop PC within rate of seconds. One such high quality dongle is LM Technologies LM056 250 Meter Bluetooth EDR USB adapter.

LM056 250 Meter Bluetooth EDR USB adapter grants you to connect your desktop or laptop to other Bluetooth enabled device such as PDA’s or Bluetooth phones. You can also transfer data, images, applications, and useful digital content within rate of seconds. This can be done only when you are within a 250m range which is more than enough I guess. Ideal for simple, wireless file Sharing, photo transfer, Printing, data Exchange and synchronization.

Important Features

  • Broadcom BCM2045 EDR Chipset.
  • Widcomm V5 and V6 Software.
  • Auto CDROM Menu.
  • Class 1 device 250 Meter range.
  • Vista compatible.
  • VOIP support.
  • Stereo Audio support.

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