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9 tips to save your iphone battery

Posted on: August 22, 2008

Well for many days I have been writing about iphone 3g accessories but today I am moving on to one of the most important part for your 3g smartphone. Well take a look at the 9 tips for saving your iphone 3g battery power. Here it comes:

  • Turn on your 3G unnecessarily loses ample battery power. So turn it on only when you need it. Having 3G turned OFF saves battery life.
  • Minimize the usage of Location Services as it consumes enough battery power.
  • Turn off Auto-Brightness can help you to save your power.
  • Turning off auto-checking in the e-mail segment also helps you to save your batter power indeed!
  • Wi-Fi is a nice feature on the iPhone, but when you aren’t using it you should turn it off, it just used up enough battery power.
  • Turn on auto lock as every time the screen is pressed, the light comes on, so if you have it auto-lock then the light will not have to come on and you will save on power.
  • When you are not using Bluetooth you should completely turn it off. This improves battery life and makes your phone more secure8. Limit GPS use unless you really need it.
  • The iPhone’s audio equalizer may add entertain you more but it consumes ample battery power. So turning it off would be better idea.
  • Last but not the least It is very important that at least once a month you let the iPhone battery drain almost completely and then fully charge it again. This is a tip given by Apple themselves and really does work brilliantly.

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