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If you spend an equal amount of time on your iPhone watching movies as well as talking, it would make perfect sense to consider the iPhone Projector.

After all, this device helps project a video image of the movie on a nearby surface, giving your eyes some much needed relief instead of staring at such a small display for hours on end. Some of the features found on the iPhone Projector include :-

  • LCoS projector
  • 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Manual focus
  • 20,000 hour lamp life
  • 10-15 lumens brightness
  • 200:1 contrast ratio
  • VGA resolution
  • 15″ to37″ screen size
  • 2W stereo speaker
  • Composite Video

Here is one of the latest iphone 3g accessories for you. Yes I am talking about the latest neat junction – the external battery pack for the iPhones 1 and 2. Like other external batteries, the iPower Portable Power Station fuels the battery of the iPhone from its own reserves. And because it features an external speaker it stops feeding the iPhone when the iPower’s battery charge falls below five percent. Apparently, that last five percent is enough to keep the iPower’s speaker running for seven more hours.

It gets better. Although the iPower is only designed for use with the two iPhones, it could be pressed into service for the iPod Touch, which actually needs an external speaker. The sound comes through the dock connector, so as long as you can squeeze the Touch into the case (which is expandable) you should be good to go.

This product is available for $44.

Everyone is familiar about the power of the smartphone apple iphone as it has got outstanding features and functionality. However without a slim and a decent bluetooth car kit you may not be able to use those features on your smartphone. Yet again parrot bluetooth has come up with a phenomenal car kit.

Well yes with Parrot MINIKIT SLIM your iphone 3g will be at its best for sure as it is a portable Bluetooth hands-free kit sporting a profiled and an elegant design. Thanks to its space-saving design, it offers countless uses: in the car, in the office and at home. What’s more its highly intuitive interface will automatically connect to your Bluetooth phone when nearby. Fixed to the sun visor or laid on a table, it adapts to every environment and can easily be carried around in your pocket.

Dimensions and weight

  • Length: 110 mm / 4.33 in
  • Width: 60 mm / 2.36 in
  • Thickness: 29 mm / 1.14 in
  • Weight: 83 g / 2.93 oz

Technical and commercial specifications

Interface :
3 buttons, including 1 rotary button
2 LEDs: green LED and red LED

Number of contacts:
– 1 000 per phone
– total of 2 500
Language: one language per version
Pairing: up to five devices
Battery: lithium-ion, maximum charging time of 4 hours
Battery life:
– over 15 hours’ talk time
– over 20 days on standby

Automatic connection by pairing order. Such is the power of iphone 3g accessories

Coming back on the most significant iphone 3g accessories selection of suitable cases with precision cut that fit your precious iphone along with ensuring excellent protection from all the inconveniences becomes equally important. Well with Pdair Flip leather case your problem gets solved in one of the most simple manner.

This PDair leather case is specially designed for your Apple iPhone 3G and is made from the finest soft leather. White overstitching is added for a prefect finish. A free removable 360° swivel belt clip is included to make this leather case unique, stylish, handy and innovative. What’s more it ensures one of the finest protection to your gadget.


Access your controls and sockets with ease.


Finest soft leather used for comfort and quality. Adding white stitching for a perfect finish.


Opens and closes with ease thanks to a snap fastener.


No need to remove your handset from the case, when synchronising with a cable


Removable 360° swivel belt clip. Keeping back flat when not in use.

Belt Clip Option

  • Removable, the clip pivots 360 degrees, ideal when your in a sitting position.
  • Ease of use and quick installation let you carry your iPhone everywhere on its belt clip. Simple press with the fingers frees your case.

So start acting fast and protect your iphone 3g in a stylish leather case with PDair Leather case.

Well for many days I have been writing about iphone 3g accessories but today I am moving on to one of the most important part for your 3g smartphone. Well take a look at the 9 tips for saving your iphone 3g battery power. Here it comes:

  • Turn on your 3G unnecessarily loses ample battery power. So turn it on only when you need it. Having 3G turned OFF saves battery life.
  • Minimize the usage of Location Services as it consumes enough battery power.
  • Turn off Auto-Brightness can help you to save your power.
  • Turning off auto-checking in the e-mail segment also helps you to save your batter power indeed!
  • Wi-Fi is a nice feature on the iPhone, but when you aren’t using it you should turn it off, it just used up enough battery power.
  • Turn on auto lock as every time the screen is pressed, the light comes on, so if you have it auto-lock then the light will not have to come on and you will save on power.
  • When you are not using Bluetooth you should completely turn it off. This improves battery life and makes your phone more secure8. Limit GPS use unless you really need it.
  • The iPhone’s audio equalizer may add entertain you more but it consumes ample battery power. So turning it off would be better idea.
  • Last but not the least It is very important that at least once a month you let the iPhone battery drain almost completely and then fully charge it again. This is a tip given by Apple themselves and really does work brilliantly.

Bluetooth headsets have proved one of the safest hands free solution and when it comes to apple iphone 3g the stylish ericsson HBV-PV708 headset is the best choice to make indeed! The best part og this absolutely cool looking headset is that you can talk continuously for 15 hours on your phone without worrying about anything. What’s more with 500 hours standby, you’ll rarely need to recharge your PV708. Make your life a little bit less of a juggling act. The PV708 keeps you on top of your calls in the car, at home or anywhere your busy day takes you. Here are some of the best aspects of this headset making it a perfect part of iphone 3g accessories. Take a look at them.

Auto pairing

Auto pairing makes pairing of the device with your Bluetooth mobile phone faster and simpler by dropping the PIN code without compromising security.

Significant specs

The headset just weighs 14g measuring 61 x 18 mm 2.4 x 0.7 inches with a sleek and uncompromising style.

Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH)

AFH reduces the impact of interference between wireless technologies, resulting in excellent audio quality.

With Sony Ericsson PV708 your iphone 3g is at its best.

With spending a few hundred bucks on your iphone 3g it’s time to look for some exceptional apple iphone 3g accessories that can help you make your iphone performance rich and more effecient. But looking to the mediocre kind of accessories won’t help much and so let’s see something out of the blue indeed!

XtremeMac SportWrap Armband for iPhone & iPhone 3G

XtremeMac SportWrap Armband is a lightweight neoprene sport armband for iPod and iPhone 3g. Running, weightlifting, skiing or hang gliding—whatever your forte, SportWrap is there to keep your iPod or iPhone 3g  moving right along with you. Whether you’re hitting the road on your bike or on foot, SportWrap will help your iPod keep up the pace. SportWrap is one of the most comfortable sports armband for iPhone 3g in the market.

The body is built with durable lightweight Neoprene that stretches to fit the arm perfectly. The face is made of perfectly clear play-through mylar that allows full access to all controls and seamless operation of the touch screen. Access part is commendable as you have easy access to the headphone jack is made simple with perfectly positioned openings in the case, and the material is soft enough to allow control of the volume, ring and sleep switches through the case. SportWrap is also adjustable to fit most arm sizes and it can be comfortably worn on the upper arm or forearm.

Key Features

  • Form-fitting design keeps iPhone/iPod in place.
  • Clear, play-through mask for easy navigation.
  • Lightweight neoprene provides comfortable fit.
  • Durable, washable design.
  • Adjustable strap fits almost any arm size.
  • Designed to fit iPhone, iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod 4G & 5G.
  • Backed by XtremeMac’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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